by Doris Appelbaum

Should you consider a professional resume writing and career counseling company? The good ones provide a much-needed service. Whether you are a military spouse, a stay-at-home mom, recent graduate or a four star general, you can benefit from the services and counsel of expert, accomplished resume writers. From raw material, experienced resume writers create quality resumes that detail your character, achievements, experiences, and marketable talents. They will offer in-depth, personalized consultations, take copious notes, and show you how to overcome the awkward situations caused by past mistakes or “blind alleys”. Call professional resume services and ask about their credentials, facilities, and staff.

Determine which service has the most to offer you. Sometimes it may cost a few dollars more to get the best, most objective resume, but look at it this way - Your resume is an investment in your career. Isn’t your future worth it?

Doris Appelbaum is President of Appelbaum’s Resume Professionals, Inc. She is a nationally known career consultant, resume writer, speaker, and trainer. The former host of Catholic Family Radio’s Career Fair on the Air, she is available to conduct workshops or critique resumes and can be reached at (414) 352-5994 - 1-800-619-9777 - - (414) 352-7495 (fax). Visit her website: