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Appelbaum’s Resume Professionals, Inc. was founded in 1975 by Doris Appelbaum, CEO/President, as the second resume writing service in Milwaukee, WI. Doris Appelbaum had been the Milwaukee office manager and resume writer for Resumes Unlimited before that company was sold and streamlined.

Ms. Appelbaum successfully negotiated with Management Recruiters of Milwaukee, a highly respected employment agency, to finance a second resume writing business in Milwaukee, WI.

Appelbaum’s Resume Professionals, Inc. realized profitability in 7 months. Ms. Appelbaum purchased the business rights in 1977 and relocated the firm as an affiliate of Life Style Services, another employment agency. The company became independent and based in Glendale, WI in 1978.

Praise, revenues, profits, and client referrals have consistently increased annually. Doris Appelbaum, CEO/President, is recognized as an expert nationally and internationally, and her clients have increased their interview connections.


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